Sunday, December 14, 2008

Some cool Blackhawks stats.

I don't know how close anyone else pays attention to this stuff, but currently.

1. The Blackhawks have the #4 slot in the Western Conference. We would be ranked 3rd in a strictly points ranking tied with Calgary but having played less games
a.) 14 wins 6 losses and 7 OT losses
2. 9th in the league in points. That's right! We cracked the top 10.
3. We're tied with Detroit for 2nd in Goals per game with 3.48
4. 8th in Goals Against average with 2.63
5. 8th in the powerplay. Which is amazing for those that remember how abysmal our PP has been the last few seasons.
6. 8th ranked PK. The PK has always been a strong suit for us. It's good to know the grinders can still shut the game down for our opposition.
7. 10th in shots per game with 30.7 We're FINALLY getting shots on net.
8. 3rd in the league with 94 goals!
9. 12th in Goals Against with 42. Which means we have outscored our opponents by 50 goals so far this season! How about that?
10. Patrick Kane is ranked 12th in the league with 33 points! I guess Kaner has never heard of a "Sophmore Slump".
11. Patrick Sharp is ranked 6th league-wide in goals with 16 while Kaner's taking the 12th slot with 13.
12. Brian Campbell is ranked 12th among Defensemen in points with 20, and 19th in goals for Defensemen with 4.

Let's break down the Blackhawks goals.

Patrick Sharp has scored 17%
Patrick Kane has scored 14%
Jonathan Toews has scored 9%
Defensemen have contributed 17% of our goals.

I think the team is starting to look pretty damn good out there except for the game against Colorado on Friday which we still won. I'm kind of a nerd about numbers like this. Thought I'd just share my findings.

* All stats based off of's Stat tracker.

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