Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I pop off at the mouth

It's hard to win 9-2 graciously. What am I supposed to say? They played a hell of a game? Fuck that! How could I? when you give up 9 goals, no matter how flukey they are, on home ice; you suck. That's right. I said it. The Oilers suck.
It's been a long time since they were a dynasty. It's been a Pete Pocklington trading Gretzky to California 20th year anniversary long time. I hear the fans whine about Craig MacTavish, but last time I checked Craig doesn't lace them up. He does however stand ineffectively on the bench like Barry Melrose did in Tampa. But the team lacks the ability to follow through, play heads up, and keep pucks out of the net as evidenced by last night's game.
But the Oilers are not alone. You know who else sucks? The Phoenix Coyotes. We gave them a 7-1 ass whipping too. And we did the same thing last season when we threw them a 6-0 skull-crackin'. At least once per season we don't just beat them, we embarrass the shit out of them. This year we were also treated to Gretzky running his suck about rookie winger Kris Versteeg after the game.
I never liked Wayne much as a player (which I've been over before), but as coach I think he's an embarrassment. Seriously, the guy should retire and be an ambassador of hockey or something.
Talk about a sore loser in WAY over his head.
I can only look ahead to the next blow out raping we hand a team. So until then I'm gonna be waiting ever ready with vigilance and some beers. Later, All.

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