Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Draft and some Soup

So for anyone that doesn't the NHL draft was last Friday and Saturday. If you didn't know when the draft was you probably didn't miss anything unless you're just the biggest Pierre Maguire fan on the face of the earth in which case you had the fan club meeting in your closet. The same closet Pierre Maguire hides in at night to watch you sleep.
Sorry got distracted. What I meant to say was That if you didn't know when the draft was you probably have no clue who the guys that got drafted are. Which is fine, because neither did I. The great thing about watching the draft if you're as clueless about the players being drafted as I am is that every team is trading players and the Canucks were getting boo'ed by the Minnesota faithful.
First of all let's talk about the #1 overall pick. The Oilers pretend that they don't tank seasons to get that pick, but let's be honest running an AHL team with an over the hill goaltender out there and then not winning shit is no surprise to anybody except Craig MacTavish.
Got that out of the way!
I want to say that out of everyone at the draft there was only one kid drafted that looks like he's ready to lace 'em up, hit the ice, and bang. Who could that kid be? None other than the Blackhawks' 1st draft pick: Mark McNeil. Seriously he doesn't look like somebody's little brother trying on daddy's jersey. Dude's a man. Which is good. We could use a Center with his size and I'm guessing he can bang. And we need some Bangers. NEED bangers.

As happy as I was about our 1st pick of the draft I was even more excited about us unloading $7.1mil worth of overpaid salary cap hell. AKA Brian Campbell. We can thank the Cap floor and teams absolutely needing to get there for us moving Campbell. Everyone I know said we'd never move him because of the size and duration of his contract. Not only do I not have to put up with Soupy, but I also get to rub everyone's faces right in it. Suck it. Suck it long. Suck it hard.
With Soupy going to Florida and Chicago receiving wounded warrior Rusty Olesz or cap relief in return means we can actually put something on our 3rd and 4th lines which were pretty much decimated this past season. But overall it means I don't have to watch a defenseman not play defense. I don't have to see 7million dollars of "WTF is he doing?!?!?!?!" when he tries those worthless end to end rushes.
So in short the Blackhawks drafted well (I assume), got rid of Campbell (HOORAY!), and Pierre Maguirre is in your closet.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I've been lazy and I really have no excuse for not writing a damned thing in this for like 2 years. I've had a lot of time to ruminate and here's some things I may have missed writing about over the last two years and their hypothetical headlines:

1. Blackhawks squeeze past Nashville looking to lose to Canucks.
2. Blackhawks cream those Canuckle heads, Sedins cry in unison.
3. Sharks don't bother showing up for WCF.
4. Those cheap punks from Syracuse Philadelphia!
5. Holy fucking shit Blackhawks land on fucking moon!
6. I may have been drunk last night.....
7. WTF happened to the Blackhawks roster!?!?!?!?
8. At least we got Pisani! He's going to be GREAT!
9. Let's trade Pisani for a used puck bag!
10. Have we traded Campbell yet!?!?!?
11. Why can't someone fuse Bolland's back with a titanium exoskeleton much like a Terminator?
12. For Fuck's sake! Can we just clinch that 8th spot or what!?!?!?!\
13. who shot J.R. Ewing? OR Thanks for blowing it in Minneapolis.
14. Why am I watching this shit?!?!?!
15. Hey we got a chance against this Vancouver team!
16. Well.....shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!
17. Thank GOD the Bruins won!

I think that about brings us up to speed more or less. Tomorrow look for my thoughts on the Campbell trade, the draft, and whatever it is that Flyers are trying to pull.