Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What the F@c* are the Flyers doing?!?!?!

I think everyone remembers Bobby Clarke being a terrible General Manager for the Flyers. The only thing he did that wasn't complete garbage was raping the Nashville Predators with Forsberg.
But watching the Flyers maneuver around doing whatever it is that Holmgren is trying to accomplish is reminiscent of the Bobby Clarke era.
More or less the team has been gutted. With Carter, Richards, Leino, and to a much smaller extant Versteeg all getting the gate; over 25% of their goal scoring got the boot. Their replacements? A prospect, a couple never weres, and a has been. If Jagr scores more than 10 goals or finishes more than 20 games I'll honestly be shocked.
I really don't understand the positioning here. Even if the reported rumors of a divided locker room between Carter, Richards, and Pronger are true. I think you're better off giving Pronger the gate at his age.
I predict the Flyers finish close to the lowly Islanders this season. Even with the "upgrade" in net of Bryzgalov, it's just not enough. Don't get me wrong Giroux and Briere will still be there, but the heart has been wrenched out of not just the team but their fans as well. I'll be shocked if this doesn't go down as the summer the Flyers' hopes died.

Those are just my thoughts. I could be wrong, but I'll never admit it.

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