Wednesday, October 15, 2008

3 down. 79 more to go?

After three games, the Chicago Blackhawks have taken home ONE whole point. Somehow I don't think this was the start the front office was hoping for. Let me break it down for you, and tell you how to beat the Blackhawks.
I'd say outshoot them, but you'll probably get that done anyway. Quality chances are easier to outnumber too. The entire offense shows a lack of chemistry in the offensive zone. Set up your defense to clog the middle and then just send the challenges to which ever side the Blackhawks are leaning towards in the overload (which seems to be their only offensive strategy). If you play the Blackhawks aggressively in your own defensive zone there's a good chance you can either pick off a pass or get a take away. Don't worry too much getting out of your own end.
Once you get the puck the entire Chicago forecheck wusses out and tries to return immediately to defense. Which should sound tough on you, but they're like swiss cheese in the neutral zone and play an extremely unaggressive backcheck. Often eschewing challenging the other team by playing a tight box in the defensive zone. Stick to the walls. I don't think the Blackhawks have won a single battle along the boards. Behind the net is all yours.
If Christobel Huet is in net just keep shooting pucks between his legs or move the puck right to left quickly with a one timer. Half the time he can't get over in time. The other times he gets there but doesn't see the shot anyway.
Make sure you body check as much as possible within the rules. For whatever reason the Blackhawks just give up at some point in the game and that's all to your benefit.

I think that's what I got so far. Hopefully next week I can do one on how the Blackhawks are kicking your team's ass.

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