Friday, August 1, 2008

All your Bowman are belong to us.

I think everyone knows by now that yesterday Scotty Bowman is now with the Blackhawks organization. When I first heard the news I didn't catch it real quick as the radio announcer had no idea the impact of what he was reading. He just sort of skipped over it. At firt I thought he said something about Stan Bowman, Scotty's son. Stan already works for us. No big deal.

Eventually it sank through what had happened. Holy crap! Scotty Bowman is in the front office! For the last year or so the organization has been saying "We're going to do everything in our power to get a Stanley Cup Championship!". I sort of believed them, but not all of our moves were in keeping with that logic. Nor where all of them all that impressive. This is the mother of all pick ups. This could be the single most important pick up the Blackhawks have had in almost the last 20 years.

No one and I mean No one has the same winning ability and know how as Scotty Bowman. 11 Stanley Cup Championships attests to that fact. I'm hoping that at the end of his 3 years in his current gig he has bare minimum 1 more Stanley Cup ring. I think Scotty coming to Chicago puts the last piece of the front office together towards a championship. Now we just need (in my opinion) a few small tweaks on the ice and we will be a true Championship threat team.

In short: Scotty is a Hawk. I'm freaking stoked. The End.

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